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Automaton3000 23rd January 2013 13:33

Not in sync with viewers?
I can't seem to find anyone else with my problem or I just haven't looked hard enough but I'm trying to watch videos with my friend but we're at least 10 seconds out of sync. The procaster seems to work fine no lags on her part or anything except for me it's saying cpu above 80 which I now ignore since there seems to be no repercussions from that but I know it may seem silly but we like being in sync with each other and experience things together since we live apart, is this just Livesteam does there have to be this delay? Should I find another site?

BlazeTakeru 2nd February 2013 22:52

This is normal for livestream, when you go live its fairly no desync but as you go on it gets worse. Only solution is every so often the viewer must refresh the page/stream to catch up.

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