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yohanis28 22nd January 2013 18:07

Can i live stream using Sony HDR-PJ760?
Hi, i am newbie here. I just want to ask if i can do live stream using my sony hdr pj760 camcorder?
I plan to use my laptop, so can i stream the video to my laptop using HDMI connection?
Do i need to buy any HDMI to USB capture card?
Anyway, I just need standard definition video.


ernielive 23rd January 2013 11:29


If you plan on using the HDMI output of your camera, you'll need a capture device, of which we recommend the Blackmagic line, which you can view in our store.

If your computer has Firewire, you can use your camera's composite output with the GrassValley ADVC-110 to stream in SD.

yohanis28 23rd January 2013 19:54

Can i live stream using Sony HDR-PJ760?
What about cerevo live shell device?
Have you ever used it?
Using that device i can move my camcorder around so i don't need to stick my camcorder close to my laptop.

ernielive 24th January 2013 09:23

The Live Shell will work with our platform, but limited to VGA, 480p, 576p. For best results with higher quality streaming we recommend using a high quality capture card such as the BlackMagic Decklink series, or you could check out Teradek's upcoming Vidiu.

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