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drebechi 21st January 2013 11:04

Some question
I'm developing a social network based on the event's streaming.
I need to integrate the streaming service with my site and my mobile apps.

I need to stream many channel at some time, for example i have many camera on a event and i have to stream all toghether. I also have many events.

I think the way is to make channels on the fly via software, transmit the stream and delete the channel at the end. It is possible using the API ?

I need also to start streaming using procaster when i press a button on my site (the site use jscript client side architecture) it is possible ? It is possible to have access to broadcaster API and write my Procaster solution ?

At the last i don't undestand the difference beetween the new live stream and classic. I create some channel in my account but i can't see in procaster. In procaster i see only events.

Thank You
Daniele Rebechi

ernielive 23rd January 2013 10:16


New Livestream uses an event-based format, while Original Livestream is channel based. New uses Livestream for Producers as the encoding software, Original uses Procaster. The two are not linked at all and there is no way to cross-broadcast between the two. With this in mind, are you building your social network around New or Original Livestream?

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