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Rainya 18th January 2013 09:58

Procaster fails to start
I'm quite new here, I mean I just sign up, I was just a watcher before.
But I have a problem with Livestream Procaster. Installation is going fine, everything works, but when I want to start Livestream, it says "Error: some files are incorrect. Please reinstall Livestream Procaster and try again" And I did it. About 10 times and the problem is still on. I tried to repair it. Didn't worked. I have Windows 7 "Starter". And I have no idea what's going on. Please help?

EDIT: Sorry! I downloaded Livestream Procaster 20.2.69 just to check out if the problem will show up, but it's work fine! I think I will stay at least with this version. Sorry for making problems!

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