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thisisafrica 17th January 2013 05:32

H264 Pro Recorder without re-encoding
When buying the H264 Pro Recorder (Blackmagic Design) I assumed that it would be able to stream to without re-encoding since it's officially supported.

However after trying it looks like the video provided by this card always has to be re-encoded which doesn't go well with the laptop we intended to use as it's quite CPU intensive. So there's not much added value in having a hardware H264 encoder.

Is there any setting in Livestream Procaster that will allow for streaming the H264 video without re-encoding?

And does anytone have experience with the alternative encoder provided by They supposedly offer a solution allowing H264 Pro to stream with no re-encoding. Would be very cool if Procaster offers that option natively.

jseanwalker 7th August 2013 16:43

I have the same question
Did you find a way to stream from the H264 Pro Recorder to Livestream without re-encoding?

thisisafrica 7th August 2013 16:48

No unfortunately not. Really a bit of misinformation on the Livestream site, since the main benefit of having a card such as the H264 is its encoding ability, and for a while Livestream were promoting this card as a preferred device, or at least that is what it looked like to me.
I never followed up on that Mxlight encoder, that may be an option still for streaming without re-encoding.

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