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butterent 15th January 2013 09:24

Stupid "1 Viewer" Cap
That stupid view counter on livestream is very foolish. Livestream, you make your people look bad. So what if someone doesn't have millons of viewers. Is it fair to discourage them and humiliate them with a stupid "1 Viewer" cap. It makes people think that nobody ever even logs on to

Everyday is scaring away hundreds of users. Take that stupid view counter off. The view counter should only be available to premium members. You're busy wasting your time giving a dumb view counter to people without premium accounts when it should be the other way around. Its been 5 years now and I'm starting to think that maybe the old fashioned terrestrial pirate radio transmitter is the way to go. Over 50, 000 channels with "1 viewer caps" Livestream sucks.

Might as well not have a livestream account than be humiliated and reduced to a 1 viewer status.

ernielive 15th January 2013 12:34


Free, unverified channels have a cap of 50 concurrent viewers. There are no channels on the platform that have a 1 viewer limit.

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