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XieRH 13th January 2013 10:52

lag on windows 8
Just would like to know, have windows 8 users been experiencing severe lag on their desktop when trying to broadcast? I noticed that during my broadcast the framerate always dips to sub-20FPS levels (usually around 18-19) regardless of what quality I choose to broadcast in. The lag is very noticeable from things like dragging windows around to the cursor movement, but there are no issues on the broadcast side (framerates are still smooth for viewers watching the stream). I don't have any concrete info on whether procaster is yet to be optimised for Windows 8 so I'd like to enquire.

For reference, these are the specs for my PC and speedtest
OS: Windows 8 Pro
CPU: i7 3630QM
GPU: nVidia GTX675m
Speedtest: 54.07Mbps download, 25.29Mbps upload

RonaldH 14th January 2013 09:25

Dear XieRH,

We have noticed the same behavior on our test systems and did some further investigation upon seeing this issue. We started comparing several other products (see at the end for a list of programs) and have concluded this is due to Windows 8 and not to Livestream Procaster or Livestream for Producers. We are investigating an solution for this, but because all other software that is designed to just record a screen also don't work, we don't expect a solution soon.

Tested Software
-Rylstim Screen Recorder
-TechSmith Camtasia
-DVDVideoSoft Free Screen Video Recorder

Best Regards,


tutalib 14th February 2013 20:15

THANKS Ranold good answer

XieRH 2nd March 2013 01:44

Hi, has there been any news on this Windows 8 issue with procaster?

I've been looking at the system resources while streaming and notice the windows 8 Desktop Windows Manager has a CPU usage of over 5% when streaming with procaster, any idea if this may be related to the low framerates experienced on Win8?

ernielive 5th March 2013 15:54


Our development team plans to work to resolve the issue after dealing with some high priority projects which are currently on their plate. No ETA on this fix right now, so please stay tuned.

cowan12 5th April 2013 07:49

Me also having the same problem.

katzenair 6th February 2014 05:27

Same issue!

DLSea 11th February 2015 06:22

Same issue.
A year since last response. C'mon, guys! :/


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