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johis 12th January 2013 11:49

Livestream Chat user list not "clearing"
Hello! I got a weird problem with my channel, not sure if it's a common problem or just mine. I didn't see this posted here before so thought I'd ask. on my channel the user list doesn't automatically clean itself after users stop watching. In fact, I think that once the user enters, the name gets "stuck" there.
the amount of people currently watching is correct (as there shouldn't be any really), but the user list states there is around 26 people watching now. I'm not streaming at the moment and these people are not in at the moment.

This started 2 streams ago, so in my last stream people couldn't use their usernames again as the stream was telling them there was already someone watching by the same name whereas there wasn't really! It's a very weird problem and I don't know how to get rid of the names on the userlist so to speak.

(the thing currently playing is auto-pilot so I'm not streaming, it started before I put the auto-pilot on to apply for the verified channel)

any help would be appreciated, thanks! I'd like to stream again soon but I don't want to trouble my watchers again with this error.

ernielive 15th January 2013 11:40

Please try restarting your channel by following these steps:

-Go to your Account Center
-Click the 'More' button at the far right of your channel
-From the options that roll out below your channel, click 'Restart'

Let me know if the channel restart helps at all.

johis 15th January 2013 15:56

It did the trick, thank you! Had no idea there was an option like that (and wouldn't have dared click it without thinking it'd remove everything haha)


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