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CalebBrown 12th January 2013 09:41

Video Suddenly Stops Playing
The videos on this channel suddenly stop playing:
Every time I watch a video of hers, it'll play for a while then stop. Then if I try to skip forward or backward the video might start playing again (for about 2 minutes or less and then it'll stop again), or it will buffer but never start playing again, or the end screen will come up (you know when the screen darkens and the replay button pops up).
The time on the video stops too, so it isn't a problem with the recording.

Hope someone can help.

ernielive 15th January 2013 11:37


Does this occur on any specific on demand clips? If so, please provide the URL to the specific clips. Is this behavior browser specific or does it occur across multiple browsers? Could you also provide the upload bandwidth result of a speed test run to New York, NY?

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