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gliamicidelmare 12th January 2013 05:13

[SOLVED] Problems with mobile playback
Hi all, i'm streaming h24 a webcam on a beach. Our primary activity is kitesurfing and we follow live our sessions, or check the meteo, wave and wind conditions.

The stream is sent by Adobe FMLE (in encoding panel):

- the fms URL is: rtmp://

- the output size is set to 480x360 @ 400kbps @ 20fps (the input is about 600 lines)

- the encoding is H.264 Baseline profile 2.1

- Audio is unchecked (and unused).

Now, when i connect with a mobile device, it fails the 90% of tries. sometimes (very rare) i see the video, but is not my device because i've tried with many other devices (also in wifi, so isn't because the bitrare needs too bandwidth).

How i can see the stream from my android smartphone, or from an apple product? Please i'm going crazy!!

That's the stream!! :

I've also installed the last version of Procaster, and at the "Mobile quality" or upper, i CANNOT VIEW the stream from a mobile device (sometime the time counter goes forward, but with black screen; other times with fmle, the counter still remains at 0:00 and nothing happen).

ernielive 15th January 2013 11:33


Do you receive any specific error message when attempting to load the content on a mobile device? If so, please include that message here. Additionally, is this issue occurring across both Android and iOS devices?

When using FMLE, please be sure you have the video format set to H.264 and the audio format set to AAC in order for the broadcast to be available on mobile devices.

gliamicidelmare 3rd February 2013 06:58

.. Yes it's set in h.264 and The audio encoding option is unchecked. Try yourself with a mobile device, clicking on The previous link

The error on android is: impossibile to reproduce The video.

gliamicidelmare 5th February 2013 03:36


I am writing here my solution, maybe someone can use it.

i've chenged my H.264 resolution, in adobe FMLE, following those settings:

I also paste here the text, maybe the link will be changed ;)

With H.264 selected, click the settings icon next to the Video Format box.
In the Advanced Encoder Settings dialog box, configure any of the following settings:
Profile Select either the Baseline or Main profile.
The Baseline profile is commonly used in video conferencing, mobile applications, or other applications which operate with limited processing power, storage capacity, and bandwidth. The Main profile is appropriate for applications that broadcast media, such as network broadcasting, and requires 1.5% more processing power than the Baseline profile.
Level Flash Media Live Encoder supports all available levels. Here are some examples of the resolution and frame rate achieved with different levels:

Resolution Type
Baseline/main Level
Maximum resolution (width x height)
Frame rate (frames per second)

Standard definition
352 x 288
30 fps

Standard definition
720 x 576
25 fps

High definition
1280 x 720
30 fps

High definition
1920 x 1088
120.5 fps

Encoding with the H.264 codec is CPU-intensive. Adobe recommends that you select a level and video size that enables CPU usage to remain below 75% during encoding.
For more information on H.264 profiles and levels, see commonly available resources about the H.264 video codec, such as the ISO/IEC 14496-10 standard on the ISO website and Wikipedia.
Keyframe frequency The interval at which to insert keyframes. The default is 5 seconds, which means a keyframe is inserted every 5 seconds.


ernielive 5th February 2013 11:18


Glad to hear you got it sorted out. What exactly did you change to resolve? Was FMLE set for Main when you experienced this issue?

gliamicidelmare 5th February 2013 13:04

Hi, i've tried many settings.

When i've posted "the solution", the stream works correctly.

I've noticed now, that it works 1 on 5-7 tries (good result.. before i never see it), expecially swapping between the two video windows
(I use the embedded player + chat, and in mobile mode it display 2 videos to play).

Notice that i have flash player installed on my android device, and with Desktop pc User Agent , i view the video and the chat; btw i test on 2 android phones and an ipad.)

Try yourself HERE


- the fms URL is: rtmp://

- the output size is set to 720x576 @ 400kbps @ 20fps (the input is about 600 lines)
- Encoding: Baseline
- Level: 3 (or 3.1, 1 chance.. don't remember :p )
- Audio is unchecked (and unused).

- the encoding WAS H.264 Baseline profile 2.1 480X360 @ 20FPS @ 400KBPS

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