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gman_283 8th January 2013 14:44

Procaster connection error
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Very recently we have been having some serious connections issues with Procaster. We have for many months been streaming with the same equipment. Which is on a shared network (which I know is frowned upon here) but we have a had good success thus far. The issue is Procaster claims to lose its internet connection but Windows 7 does not reflect that. So I opened the resource monitor and found a significant slow down in connection usage between my encoding machine and your service. Unfortunately this proves nothing either way, however, the internet connection seems fine otherwise i.e. navigating in web browsers. My service is Time Warner Business Class 30 Mbps down and 5Mbps up of which you can see we nearly max out on the HD+Medium+Mobile quality setting. Regardless of that we have had many visits from Time Warner techs and resolved many issues with their modem and our firewall settings. Now that those have been corrected we still have issues with Procaster connection slow down and sometimes complete disconnection. Any thoughts or suggestions besides the usual "don't use a shared connection" ?

ernielive 11th January 2013 13:32


Don't use a shared connection ;)

How many other machines is the connection shared with? Are you constantly running HD multi bitrate? Have you tried running lower quality settings and if so is your result any different? Do you have access allowed to ports 80, 443, and 1935 on your firewall? What are your upload bandwidth results run to a server in New York, NY at

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