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jeremyhoff 7th January 2013 17:05

DVR Function

We're currently a legacy customer investigating the "new" Livestream and have a question about the DVR function. Does the DVR locally cache the video?

I ask because if we wanted to delay the playback of a live stream for 30 minutes, but would want to buffer the entire video locally.

Thank you,
-jeremy h.

ernielive 8th January 2013 12:47

Hi Jeremy,

Unfortunately there is no way to adjust the playback delay of live content. All broadcasts have a delay of 15-20 seconds, which is not variable.

jeremyhoff 8th January 2013 12:55

Thanks Ernie.

Just to confirm - I now understand there is no delay, but it sounds like the buffer is not local. So, for example, if a viewer opens their browser to watch the video and presses "pause" the video data does not continue to download to the client?

Put yet-another-way, if someone pauses the video and thirty minutes later their internet connection dies permanently, will they be able to watch the thirty minutes of video before it drops?

Thank you,

ernielive 11th January 2013 13:29


The buffer is not local. If you pause and walk away for 30 minutes then come back and resume, you'll be right at the point where you paused with 30 minutes of content between your position and live. If you pause and lose connection 30 minutes later and try to resume with no connection, the video will not play at all. Hope this clears things up.

jeremyhoff 11th January 2013 14:07

That does clear it up - thank you Ernie.

PaulMartel 19th March 2014 14:32

Local buffer
Hi Jeremy --

We are currently using Livestream for our public streaming, but my church also wanted a stream with a local buffer for our satellite campus so I built a solution using Wowza from the ground-up. Our events are also 30 mins beind live and it works great; there is zero buffering during playback because the player pulls from the local harddrive instead of the limited browser cache, which pulls from a server-copy. If you still need help with this, shoot me an e-mail,

jeremyhoff 19th March 2014 14:37

RE: Local buffer
Thank you very much, Paul.
I will keep this post handy should I need to come back to this. I appreciate the response!

-jeremy h.

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