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mark_schutte 3rd January 2013 12:59

Screen Capture Looks Fuzzy
Hi. I've tested Livestream with Teradek, LiveU and Livestream for Producers. When recording computer screens locally or via a capture card (HDMI to another computer running Livestream for Producers) all of the above produce fuzzy looking screen capture recordings no matter what the Aero, bit-rate or native resolution settings are. With Windows Media and other encoder software they have a screen capture codec. Does Livestream have anything to sharpen screen capture recordings? I see the same results in other users screen captures. Small text, etc is difficult to read and everything is soft looking instead of sharp like the camera images. Thanks

ernielive 5th January 2013 14:22


The best advice would be to increase your streaming bit rate and resolution. If small text is an issue, you may also want to increase your desktop resolution. Additionally, zooming in on a particular area of the desktop instead of capturing the entire desktop area will improve your result.

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