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crazymew 3rd January 2013 02:19

Can't Log In
This is a thread for a friend. She just made an account and is having all sorts of issues. It doesn't help that there seems to be like, two different versions of livestream depending on what you type in the URL field.

Here's her quote.

"The ONLY way I can log in is if I go to the confirmation email, click on the home page link and thats it. If I do anything else it logs me out. I even logged out then logged in on the main page which worked fine but i cant actaully log in for real cuz it wont let me."

ernielive 5th January 2013 14:15


There are currently two Livestream platforms: New and Original.

To login to New Livestream, you can head to (or which will redirect you to the former URL)

To login to Original Livestream, head over to - Appending /login at the end of the domain is the easiest way to reach the Original login screen.

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