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Wolkenfels 24th December 2012 08:21

new livestream live status
I did an appliction for the original livestreams that displays the online status of some channels.
Now i wonder if I can do that for the new.livestream api.

I already figured out how to determine if an event is in progress by calling<accountname/
and search for "in_progress":true in the reply.

If the event is found i even can get a lot of information with<accountname/events/<eventId>

but most of the time i am interested in the live streams and not in the event itself. And i am lost there - any hint how to find the live status?
If you go on the account page the event has a red "live" label but i dont want to call the page and parse the whole html page for it.

Great software and page btw - kudos to the livestream team!

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