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bones8677 22nd December 2012 00:55

Recorded gameplay is a small window
Hello, I just started using the Procaster and Livestream and I'm having a peculiar problem. When I start recording I launch the game and as is typical, the game takes up my whole screen, can't see the desktop at all. But when I exit the game and stop the recording, the recorded video shows the game as a small window in the corner of my desktop.

I have no idea how to fix this, and my friends who have been using procaster have no idea what's wrong. Please help.

ernielive 31st December 2012 14:27


Are you using screen capture mode? If so, use the zoom in and zoom out buttons to tighten the crop marks around the game area. If this is happening using game mode, please let us know, and let me know the names of each game this happens with.

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