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ProjectNightmare 18th December 2012 02:50

Procaster is Not Working
Hello I am using a Windows 7 Toshiba laptop and am having difficulties using Procaster. The program itself works fine but when I start a Stream the prrogram doesn't work for my Livestream account. I don't understand the issue in general but it seems that when I click "Go Live" and the numbers of minutes appear on the clock, and when I stop the performance nothing ever appears on my Livestream, what is the problem and how can I fix it?

ernielive 18th December 2012 09:43

Make sure Procaster is streaming at at least 500kbps below your average upload bandwidth to New York, NY tested at

ProjectNightmare 18th December 2012 10:54

How do I get it below the average? Becuase mine is 681

ProjectNightmare 19th December 2012 23:33

Procaster and Livestream not wokring for me!
I have been having issues with Procaster for almost a week and no one has been able to help The issue is this, when I open the program of Procaster and begin a Live feed, I go to my stream to see if everything is working properly and all I get is a constent black screen, I have done what I was told the last time I asked this question and changed the bps to lower quality and that still did not work, I reinstalled the program and that did not help either, The program like I have said befroe works fine, but when I check the stream the screen is black, when I first started it use to just say Offline, and that was it, the only time the program really works is when I install Manycam onto my computer and use it with Procaster, it then filters though the Broadcast Now button next to My Acount and the streaming works perfectly but I loath the volume thing, is there a way I can fix this issue so I can use Procaster?

ernielive 20th December 2012 14:57

With an upload speed of 681kbps, you have have issues broadcasting at anything above mobile quality, and even that may not stream reliably. Have you tried using Procaster's mobile setting at all?

Additionally, you may want to try restarting your channel:

-Go to your Account Center
-Click the 'More' button at the far right of your channel
-From the options that roll out below your channel, click 'Restart'

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