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darklyspectre 16th December 2012 17:21

Procaster game mode crashes when selecting chat. (far cry 3)
Good day to you all.

So the problem I have is that I start the procaster game mode fine.
records fine no problem there.

but then I press the interactive button and pick chat so I can see the messages from the people watching the game just crashes. (the twitter button does the same thing)

The whole interactive thing has been a pain for a while now. mostly with making the mouse unusable after selecting the chat.

So yeah this is quite annoying.

I have been wondering about this for a while now.

why is there no option to have the game mode instantly start with the chatmode engaged?

would save me and alot of others the problems with the interactive button.

Specifications of the system.

procaster: latest version

intel i7 3960X @ 4,3ghz
Asus GTX 680 directcu II
corsair vengeance 32 gigs
HDD: 1 TB 7200RPM
windows 7 ultimate.

so my PC is definitely not the issue

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