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natespidgewood 16th December 2012 07:48

Blank recordings
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I need your help. I just did my first two big streams and I've checked the library a few times. At first, I thought my recordings are completely gone and I was waiting for them to get published. But then suddenly, I discovered they were placed in the video-on-demand library and the autopilot when I started using Livestream Studio; unfortunately, they're BLANK. They just have zero minutes and I can't be able to play them. Can someone please figure this problem out?

ernielive 17th December 2012 16:10

Empty storyboards occur when broadcasts are not properly recorded to our servers. Most times this is due to insufficient bandwidth. Please be sure you are broadcasting at a quality setting that is at least 500kbps below your average upload bandwidth to New York NY, which you can check at

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