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victoryharvest 10th December 2012 16:09

More Options For Multi-Stream Broadcast Qualities In Producer App
Just wanted to throw in a request for more quality options for the Producers app, particularly for the multi-stream options. A lot of internet providers (at least for businesses) do tiers such as 1MB, 2 MB, 3 MB, etc. but the app doesn't have an option for some of the cheaper tiers. For instance, none of the options currently fall within the 1MB to 2 MB upload rates. Medium + Mobile < 1MB, but then the next step up (High + Medium + Mobile) is right under 3MB up.

A middle option, such as High + Mobile, or maybe High + Normal + Mobile, that kept it under 2 MB up, would be great for those of us who want a higher quality stream, but are currently budgeted at 1.5 or 2 megs upload.

Hope that made sense! Thanks for the great service and support- just wanted to throw that in as a request.

ernielive 12th December 2012 16:03

Thanks for the feedback. I'll pass this along to our dev team for consideration in a future release.

victoryharvest 6th January 2013 18:49

thanks for the reply. anything in the 1.6-1.7 MB/s range would be fantastic!

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