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polarducky 10th December 2012 00:04

Hello- Computer issue(32-bit rendering color)
I am having trouble experincing to live broadcast or not when I enable 32 bit rendering. When I launch the game it feels like I'm alt tabbing out with small black box flickering when I move or use my mouse. There is minor lag as well. Anything I can fix this? The game I am trying to live broadcast is Age of Empire, strategy game. I use Xsplit program to capture screen. So I hope I can get some help or where can I get help for this?

My computer spec:

AMD X4 Phenonon II 965
Nvidia Geforce GTS 450
8gb ram
ASUS mobo

12 mb download / 12 mb upload connection

ernielive 12th December 2012 15:41

Which Age of Empires game are you running, the original? Have you tried using Procaster?

polarducky 17th December 2012 00:59

Yes original age of empire... I play at

ernielive 17th December 2012 16:42

Have you tried using Procaster to screen capture instead of Xsplit?

polarducky 19th December 2012 19:35

Yes... When I launched the game.. It stops live streaming until I exit the game.

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