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AmericasRemedy 8th December 2012 15:36

"CrazyForCricket" Annoying Google Banner Ad
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If anyone else has experienced this ad on top of their archived videos, and feels similarly, please comment here to make Livestream aware of this issue. Ads are necessary for a free service, but ads with persistent audio can turn users away both for us, our viewers, and even the advertiser.

My support email to Livestream's advertising@ and emails:


Having recently tuned in to one of our archived videos, I noticed an ad [called "Play Cricket Challenge: CrazyforCricket"]. While watching our video play back, every time the little animated golfer hits his golf ball, I hear a "swoosh" sound over top of our video. At first the ad was hidden and I had no idea where the sound was coming from -- I thought maybe it was a problem with our audio, or a sound here in the studio that was picked up during recording. I finally realized it was the ad making this obnoxious noise and was able to eventually get it to close. [Furthermore, it seems to keep playing until manually found and closed by the user.]

I realize we need ads to pay for this great service, especially for our free accounts, but are noises like this really necessary? If this is enough to confuse me (I design websites), I'm afraid it will confuse our users as well.

Thank you for any help you can provide.

Channel name: americasremedy


Cliff Muncy
336-924-0402 - Home/Office
336-692-8814 - Cellular
336-790-2242 - Fax


(I also sent similar emails to Google's ad department as this was an "Ads by Google" ad, as well as to the advertiser, so that they are aware of the issue). I've tried to be courteous to all, as I believe it would be beneficial to all to remove the audio from this ad.

Jetman123 9th December 2012 17:17

This ad has been driving me crazy as well, and I cannot find a way to close it. I'm going to be trying ad-blocking solutions. This is extremely disruptive, and even hitting the X button simply minimizes the ad, but does not stop the noise playing.

ernielive 9th December 2012 17:53

Thanks for raising this. I agree that this ad is disruptive. I'm forwarding your concerns to our Advertising department for review.

Sethf2009 17th December 2012 01:00

Yes! This is extremely annoying, and I cant listen to what's going on. Please fix this.

ernielive 17th December 2012 17:39

Hi All,

If you are affected by this ad, please click through and provide us with the URL you're redirected to so we can effectively block all traces of Crazy for Cricket.

Sethf2009 17th December 2012 19:40

This is what I'm redirected to:

jrhenson29 22nd December 2012 21:27

I still receive this annoying cricket sound. Please block this cricket advertisement. Thanks!

ernielive 26th December 2012 10:37

This should be resolved now. Please let us know if you continue to be affected by this ad.

secret1962 28th December 2012 08:57

I still receive the annoying sound. Please fix.

ernielive 31st December 2012 11:32


Please click on the ad and provide us with the URL you are redirected to so we can more effectively remove all traces from our ad server.

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