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xACR33Dx 6th December 2012 21:12

Lagging when live streaming
Whenever I live stream I lag in-game, I am using Open Broadcaster Software and I have set the bitrate to 3200kbps and buffer size to 3200kbit (is that too much?).

My PC specs are
Intel Core i5 2400
8GB DDr3 1333mhz
1TB SATA 6gb 7200RPM 32MB Cache

Does live streaming affect the hard drive or processor the most or am I running out of ram?

My internet speeds from are

Ping: 10ms
Download Speed: 34mbps
Upload Speed: 23mbps

Why do I lag when I go in a game on Black Ops 2?

ernielive 9th December 2012 17:31

What type of lag are you experiencing: skipping/freezing, delays? What resolution are you using? Are your speed results from a test run to New York, NY? It's very important you test the speed to New York, as that is where our servers are based.

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