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csitechtv 6th December 2012 14:06

Mobile Stream to iOS is Jittery via Tricaster
Hi, testing streaming to iPad and iPhone today. I notice that the stream is very delayed and also very jittery both on my channel page and in the Livesteam app.

I'm streaming using a NewTek Tricaster 450 Extreme,

I've added /forceMobile=true to the end of the link in it's stream settings.

I've configured the Livestream channel to broadcast in H.264 in all the different options Mobile, Basic, and High.

Any thoughts here? Obviously others are having success, as I can watch other channels fine in the Livestream iPad app, and their video is nice and smooth...



ernielive 9th December 2012 17:24


Are you viewing on 3G/4G or wifi? What bit rate are you publishing at? If you're publishing at bit rate that's higher or too close to your average download bandwidth on your mobile device, you're going to have a sub-par viewing experience. Have you thought about using the Livestream Plugin for Tricaster? This will allow you to publish in multiple bit rates (including a mobile bit rate) and push to mobile devices as well.

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