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glasgowgrin1 30th November 2012 15:39

"Having problems loading page"
My channel is ready to go. short name and all. everything is to my liking. but when i try to go to my channel. this pops up and then my browser sends me to a DNS error page.... help plz?

ernielive 30th November 2012 16:32

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. The issue should now be resolved. Please let us know if you experience any additional difficulty.

LadySnakebite 30th November 2012 17:49

I am having the same problem with the same message on my page at . Everything seems to be fine but it won't load.

TriangleTooth 30th November 2012 17:53

Other people can't see my channel
I have a normal channel because verification takes a while and I don't want it to broadcast constantly.

Up until recently I've been using livestream to stream games I have played to friends. Now they can't access my channel. In addition, if I select to watch it I get the same message "Having trouble loading the page right now" but if I type the channel's url in manually it will load for me.

It also loads for one other person who lives nearby. The people who can't access it are not in my country, but the other person is in the same university. I haven't been able to contact anyone in the country but not the uni to test it.

It has worked fine until today. is the channel.

ernielive 30th November 2012 20:53

LadySnakebite and TriangleTooth,

Your channels should now load fine. Let us know if you experience additional difficulty.

LavenderShine 30th November 2012 20:57

I'm getting this same message on my channel as well.
Could you please fix it or at least tell me how I can fix it.

ernielive 30th November 2012 21:03

Fixed that for you, LavenderShine.

SuprDog 30th November 2012 22:00

I'm getting this same message on my channel:

Could you please fix it? :)


chizi 1st December 2012 11:31

I'm also getting this error at :c

Sandling 1st December 2012 13:09

Same problem at

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