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ku5htrim 25th November 2012 10:37

What equpments do I need to broadcast live?
I have a loptop "Lenovo G570"(it has Kensington lock slot, exhaust vent, VGA, Ethernet, HDMI, USB/eSATA, USB 2.0 x2) and a camcorder ( Cannon - LEGRIA FS406 )
What kind of cable do I need to broadcast live?

ernielive 27th November 2012 12:33

To use that particular camera, your computer would need a Firewire port, and you'd have to use a Grass Valley ADVC-110 to take the camera's AV output. It appears there is no FireWire input on the computer, so you may not have any options other than using the built in webcam or an external USB webcam.

jakubek08 4th December 2012 13:20

is it possible to using thunderbolt to connect? I changed to the Mac, here is no FireWire ;/ Blog fotograficzny

ernielive 6th December 2012 17:24


It is possible to connect via Thunderbolt using a Black Magic capture device, which we have in our store.

jakubek08 7th December 2012 18:42

oh, fantastic, thanks a lot! Blog fotograficzny

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