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TabernaculodeAdoracion 25th November 2012 07:29

Problems with Micro cuts in MAC with Intensity Extreme
Hi Guys

Im facing an issue,related to micro-cuts (I dont know if its the right english word, sorry), every 30 or 50 seconds the signal is interrupted for less than 1 second and it stop video and audio. Internet is not the problem, the cpu is normal and the OS is OS X 10.8.2. The machine has a processor of 2,5 Ghz with 4Gb of RAM, the video capture device is a Intensity Extreme capturing with the HDMI interface.

Thanks in advance for your support.

ernielive 27th November 2012 11:30

Can you provide the URL to a clip in your library which displays this behavior? Additionally, please include a screenshot of your network speed tested to New York, NY at Be sure your encoding machine is on a wired, dedicated connection and ports 80 and 1935 are open if you are behind a firewall.

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