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tea_cakes 24th November 2012 20:22

Video missing from library and latest videos
I've found that a video I recorded for about 2 hours and 30 mins hasn't appeared on my channel, despite the livestream having worked (I had flicked to the webpage a few times during the stream) and the video appearing in the Livestream studio. I am currently using the beta version of Procaster for Mac Mountain Lion ver 10.8 but so far it has been working really well so I'm not sure what went wrong this time. I have downloaded the video from the studio and everything has recorded, so it really is bizarre that it is not appearing on my channel. Any suggestions on what went wrong or what I could do?

ernielive 27th November 2012 11:16

If you're encoding with Procaster, clips will not appear in the VOD section of your channel unless the 'On-demand' option is enabled from the 'Livestream' section of Procaster's settings.

To move clips to On-demand after your broadcast, enter your Studio and drag the storyboard from the left column to the right column in the 'Video On-demand' tab.

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