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brucerippin 20th November 2012 07:40

Live broadcast stops after 3 minutes

I was wondering if anyone has experienced what I'm currently experiencing. Once I launch a live broadcast everything goes well, then even though I don't receive any message the live broadcast just stops. It happens everytime without fail. When it first started happening it was always at exactly 3:26 (3 minute 26 seconds). Now it happns just after the 3 minute mark. This is with my desktop PC
When I do a live broadcast with my laptop, I don't experience any problems (unfortunately my laptop is not up to the task (not enough power).
I will list my PC specs:

Win7 Ultimate
i7 975 EE @ 4.2GHz
12 GB Corsair Dominator DDR3 1600 MHz
(2) ATI 5870 1GB VRAM (Crossfire Mode)
128 GB SSD (OS)
600 GB Velociraptor

Internet Connection - Fiber Optic 50Mb down and 30Mb up
SB Titanium Xfi audio card

Thanks in advance for any help I can get!

ernielive 20th November 2012 11:43


Does Procaster return any messages when it stops? Does the broadcast stop or does the program crash? Which quality setting are you using?

brucerippin 20th November 2012 11:52

The Procaster does not return any error message. If I'm playing a track and it is being broadcasted live. The live broadcast stops even though the track is still playing on my PC. I am using the custom quality setting.


ernielive 22nd November 2012 12:26

What are your exact custom quality settings? Also, please include a screenshot of your speed test results to New York, NY taken at

brucerippin 22nd November 2012 13:10

Actually I was just able to get it working. I went through the forums and found a couple of examples of things to try. I went to a previous version of the procaster. Also I updated my adobe flash to the most current version. Not sure which one of these fixed the issue but it is working fine now.

Thanks for the help!

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