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Sancyr 19th November 2012 17:36

Windows 8 + Livestream Procaster
I just updated to windows 8 as of recently and I am unable to get the flash connection to work with the procaster. I am unable to find a way to install flash 32x for the procaster to run with. As windows 8 runs flash differently then windows 7 and before. Is there a way to get around this?

The error is occuring in the chat promote and player tabs on the procaster.

note: flash updates and installs are run thru the windows update mechanism with windows 8.

ernielive 20th November 2012 10:51


We haven't tested this with Windows 8, but as a workaround you could try installing Flash through Firefox which may resolve the issue. Could you give this a shot and let us know your result?

Sancyr 20th November 2012 14:59

Thanks for the Reply Ernielive,

I installed Firefox and it let me access a differnet part of the Adobe site and download the flash player manually.

It seems Windows 8's IE10 is linked to accessing a different download menu on the Adobe site.

Installed Flash and it seems to be working now, Procaster is linking to the correct flash player file now, so Chat, Promote, and Player tabs are now working.

Thanks for your help!

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