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EwovLIVE 18th November 2012 23:46

Premium Account Vanished! HELP!

We are set to broadcast an important stream for our client tomorrow 9am AEST and the premium account has vanished from our account! We have paid for the next two months.

The channel name is ewovlive. The premium channel is called ewovcast.

I cannot call your helpdesk because i can't get the support pin requested?

Please contact me URGENTLY as we require the channel to be reinstated immediately. Please contact me via phone from my login details urgently.


ernielive 19th November 2012 10:46


I've taken a look at your account and see your channel is currently premium. In the future, you can move channels to and from a premium plan by clicking the 'More' option next to your channel, and selecting 'Move to plan'.

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