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MobiusMOAB 13th November 2012 19:30

xsplit1.1/FMLE3.2 and livestream stays offline
The FMS string I am trying to use...

rtmp:// Avalanche/username=MobiusMOAB/password=TheMagicWord/isAutoLive=true

1. No, my password is not TheMagicWord
2. When I fire the encoder, it reports all green and appears to be broadcasting properly but the production page on livestream remains offline. I have no indicator that it is doing anything. The stream total size is < 446 Kbps. I have tried to put a %20 to take the place of the space in the Clan Avalanche. That has changed nothing. Any ideas?

FMLE 3.2
xsplit 1.1
Windows 7 64-bit

ernielive 14th November 2012 12:26

Let's edit the URL a bit. Channel name should be the short name, which is the name of the channel in your URL. Using the this string should get you live:


MobiusMOAB 14th November 2012 18:01

Ok. Here is the latest. I adjusted the string as suggested, replacing the password as would be necessary, and attempted to start the stream. Now I get an error stating that there is a "Problem publishing at Primary Server". I compared the strings and they are identical with the proper password. I ran into this before, but it went away when I used the "Clan Avalanche" in the string. Hoping for better news. Standing by.


ernielive 15th November 2012 12:26

Please ensure you are creating a unique stream name each time you begin a new encode, as that is one of the reasons you could encounter this error. Also, the stream name cannot include any special characters, only letters and numbers.

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