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irsalmashhor 13th November 2012 11:22

Twitter Widget searchparam issue

I'm trying use the twitter widget but I would like to filter some of the tweets. Using the twitter search API, if i want to search @livestream and filter any tweets with the word "Awareness" in it, the searchparam would be "@livestream%20-Awareness". This works correctly. However when I try to "tweet" using the widget it will append the whole "@livestream%20-Awareness" in my tweet, which makes it look pretty ugly, especially if I want to use more advanced search queries. Is there a way to work around this?

Test widget without advanced search:

Test widget with advanced search:

ernielive 14th November 2012 12:11


We tried testing this but couldn't reproduce. Could we see your entire widget string? If you'd prefer, you can send this to us in a support ticket, just make sure you reference this forum post if you decide to go that route.

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