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ueberflieger 10th November 2012 10:10


where to get the devkey? I've signed in but in "myaccount" doesn't appear a devkey?

Kindly regards ys Gerd

ueberflieger 10th November 2012 14:08

I found:

And then you will go to
Then on that same account you will have to create an API key
Wich looks like devkey=xR7p8N7iFU6wveertyeq1uwuDPM98WS4DLDfdoijhdg LDAlnpTPFVe0JvYpJLRgjd3x1Vi-UXuY-nPzjTZavEfdjmxq34PGslzMYOqxQKBg
And the name of your channel; yourchannel

How??? There is no way to create the API key.

ueberflieger 11th November 2012 05:13

Okay, walking through the userguide I found it on:

My next problem is how to envolve my own livestream of my camera, ip602w from tenvis or my camera simoular to instar 3005, into the player.

Looking into the source-code of

I cannot find any hints. Any help out there?

Kindly regards ys

ernielive 12th November 2012 18:23


For more information about using IP cameras with our platform I would suggest getting in touch with one of our Premium Sales representatives at:

US (Toll Free): 1 (877) 977-8732
International: +1 (646) 490-1679

You could also fill out the information in this form and a sales rep will follow up with you.

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