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sesammy 4th November 2012 19:50

Messed up my right click
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I installed Procaster, and right as I start it up it says

"Your computer is using the Aero scheme, which lowers the screen broadcasting rate. Do you want to switch to Basic scheme?"

I said yes to this and afterwards my right click is screwed up.
Attached is what my right click looks like now. I assume its associated with Procaster since it wasn't like that until this pop up happened after initializing Procaster; how am I to go about fixing this? Or is it not related to Procaster at all?

sesammy 4th November 2012 19:52

I'm running MBAM right now in case I've a virus or something. So far no.

ernielive 6th November 2012 11:37


Does this also occur if you manually change from Aero to Basic in Windows settings?

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