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orestes7 2nd November 2012 04:07

Can't chat or use my webcam
I recently downloaded procaster and it's pretty much not working at all. I use google chrome, so I know my adobe flash is updated (even though procaster tells me it isn't). When I click on the link provided my procaster, it tells me that it can't find the "server" and says something about 32bit, even though I used 64 bit.

I also know my webcam (which is a built-in Asus webcam) is not busy, even though it tells me it's busy.

I have version 20.3 of procaster.

Someone people tell me what the hell is wrong here!

ernielive 6th November 2012 10:18


Try updating to Procaster 20.3.10. If that doesn't help, open a support ticket so we can track and assist more efficiently. You're going to have to include as much detailed information as possible, including any error messages you are receiving, preferably with screen shots as well.

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