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telegramcom 31st October 2012 10:21

Can't upload videos
I'm trying to upload H.264 with AAC audio into a storyboard. Have tried sizes 1280x720, 720x405 and 480x270. When I get to browse and then select the clip, nothing happens. The clip is 1 mb!

Any ideas? Are there any storm related issues (I was getting errors when attempting to login earlier)?

pavl6 31st October 2012 16:34

Can't upload videos
I have the same :(. I can't upload any video today...

evilperson20 31st October 2012 17:19

Livestream Studio doesn't load
I've been trying to load the Livestream Studio several times now and it wont get passed "Authenticating, please wait."

Are there server problems preventing the connection from going through?

ernielive 1st November 2012 18:49


This issue was due to an outage we experienced. Uploading should now be functioning properly, if you continue to experience issues please open a support ticket.

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