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jarmolahti 29th October 2012 16:26

Android livestream for producers - error
Got my first test through ok.

BUT: livestream does not believe live is over.


"Ensimmäinen live SGS2:lla"

= "First live (test) with SGS2" (Samsung Galaxy SII)

(could net get this error through with customer support/helpl. "invalid characters found" - and no invalid characters was there.

ernielive 29th October 2012 16:34


This is a bug that affects events infrequently. To avoid this we recommend stopping your Broadcaster by using the stop button, as this may happen if the connection is abruptly severed.

In order to have the live status removed from the event, please open a New Support ticket, so we can track, escalate, and respond appropriately.

jarmolahti 29th October 2012 16:57

I did not use Broadcaster. It was the new android app.

jarmolahti 29th October 2012 17:10

And I could not get the "official" support ticket through because of "illegal characters" (there was none, actually).

And right now it seems I can not get to the at all. Because of rain, it says. Well, I have heard of Sandy so I can believe...

jarmolahti 29th October 2012 17:23

Send screen capture of that support e-mail form to from my own mail.

Seems that is kind of broken today, might be because of that these my problems, too.

ernielive 30th October 2012 20:25


New Livestream experienced an outage last night that prevented access to many areas of the site, which would explain some of the issues you encountered when attempting to submit a ticket, however I see you were able to successfully send one through eventually. We'll communicate via the ticket for all additional correspondence regarding this issue.

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