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epitencuentro 28th October 2012 22:51

Missing recorded videos
Hi. Few days ago we discovered that about 10 live recorded videos have been missed -and their storyboards.
Nobody login into our channel, nobody put their fingers in a wrong place. We discovered this missing just seeing a Livestream gadget in our website.
How we could recovery those videos? There is no option for this, no feature available.
Please, we don't have copies for those videos, we really need the Livestream support to recover them.
Thanks in advance.
Our channel:

epitencuentro 28th October 2012 23:06

Missing imported and uploaded videos
Hi. Few days ago we noted that all our imported videos from Youtube (no copyright infringement) and our uploaded video are missed. At the same time have been missed the live recorded videos, we asked already about this issue.
Nobody login into our channel and nobody deleted anything.
Now we can not to import videos by Youtube username, it is not available this feature?
We are sure that we don't make nothing wrong, all the imported and uploaded videos are missed. What is the trouble, could Livestream help us please?
Thanks, we need support to fix all that disaster.

EstherSanz 29th October 2012 08:35

My recorded videos are gone. All them
All my recorded videos are been deleted, I don't know the reason. My library is empty.
My channel is

ernielive 29th October 2012 14:40

Our NOC team has informed me that they have just run their storage cleanup wizard, which automatically deletes any content older than 6 months with less than 10 views. We warn channel owners about this process so they may download and keep any videos which did not receive enough views to be maintained by our servers. Unfortunately once this process has been completed there is no way to recover the lost clips.

ernielive 29th October 2012 14:44


Unfortunately, due to recent YouTube platform changes out of our control the direct import from YouTube functionality is no longer supported. The recommended method for importing clips is to download from YouTube and upload them directly from your desktop, which will result in the highest quality and reliability.

epitencuentro 30th October 2012 01:02

Thanks for your reply about the missing Youtube videos. We'll try to make your suggestion eventually.
But about the uploaded video and the live recorded videos missed, we never read any email or comunication from Livestream about your "storage cleanup wizard" because you do not comunicate nothing, and in our case our videos have been more than 10 viewers in the last 6 mounth.
Livestream deleted our videos without notification, we have confidence in your product. Why Livestream don't sent just a simple email to notice us about the news of storage cleanup wizard? It's not fair, you changed the rules as you wish and we loss our material.
Is not any way to recover the deleted videos? Do you really don't have a back up in case of error? We ask support, please give it, repair the damage. We can't believe that Livestram cannot fix so much errors, the first one, no comunicate to the users they'll loss all their work.
Waiting for a positive reply, regards.

CORE_Games 2nd November 2012 04:14

I agree that this is fairly annoying. The warning may be there initially, but it would be far more user-friendly if a warning email was sent prior to the deletion. Because of this (I'm assuming anyway), I lost 2 art streams that I literally can never replace. Had I known that deletion was about to occur, I would have absolutely backed the videos up.

I understand the need to free up server space, but to do so as spontaneously as that with no warning is a huge hit to users that could very easily be avoided with some simple automatic email usage.

This is frustrating to me as, once again, this function has caused me to lose irreplaceable artwork. Please do a better job of alerting users to these wipes. Downloading several gigs of video out of caution is less reasonable than downloading a backup to something you are completely sure will be deleted. You never know when video views will save a recording from this type of deletion. The policy desperately needs change.

ernielive 6th November 2012 10:21

We appreciate the feedback. I always recommend using Procaster for your broadcasts, as it creates a backup of your recording to your local hard drive by default.

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