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nyutvcenter 26th October 2012 12:11

Multiple Search Params in the Twitter Widget??

Curious if I can add multiple search queries to the twitter chat widget on my premium channel, ie linking to more #hastags.

Any help would be appreciated.


ernielive 26th October 2012 14:40


You should be able to use 'or' between queries to register multiple results in your widget, ie: #NYU OR @NYUTVCENTER

nyutvcenter 26th October 2012 17:23

Thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to be working.

Just to clarify I am setting this in the configure channel panel under the twitter chat widget. Currently have '@nyutv or #nyu' in the Search Query field and just tweeted something from @nyutv with #nyu in it and the tweet did not show up in the twitter chat window on my channel page. Any ideas?

Thanks again for the help!

ernielive 29th October 2012 13:54


I believe the operator needs to be capitalized for this to work, so make sure you're using 'OR' instead of 'or' - a full list of Twitter search operators can be found here.

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