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BillElverman2 23rd October 2012 22:14

External Camera - Using with Livestream
Good evening...

I've been doing some testing. I've got the following equipment:

Panasonic AG-HMC40 camera
MacBook PRO (OSX 10.8)

I have a LiveStream account, as well as LiveStream for Producers and LiveStream Procaster.

I cannot get any of the system to read the external camera. By kicking around on the web, I understand that I will need yet another capture device or card. Can anyone tell me specifically a capture device I can use with this set-up, preferably cost-effective?



ernielive 24th October 2012 12:12

Hi Bill,

As your camera has only an HDMI output, you will need a capture device to use the AG-HMC40 for streaming. If your computer has a Thunderbolt input, the Black Magic Intensity Extreme might be your best bet. You could also look into the Black Magic H.264 Pro Recorder for input via USB 2.0, however we recommend a powerful encoding machine (i5-i7, 8GB RAM) when using this device.

Another option would be outputting the camera directly to a Livestream Broadcaster which will allow you to bypass both the capture card and the computer, but will only allow you to stream in a single bit rate.

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