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Thoriringvarsson 21st October 2012 13:20

Tascam shuts down.
HI guys.
Really need your help. I have a Tascam US-200 which I use to connect sound in to the computer using a wireless mic (mic - Tascam - USB to computer ). The problem I have is that after I´ve set up the Tascam, and are sure it works, as soon as I open up the procaster the Tascam seems to shut down and won´t work again until I re-install the driver for it. I can see it windows bar and when I open up the sound portion it seems to be there, but just doesn´t work.

I´ve tried just about everything, new/old versions of Procaster, New/old versions of the Tascam driver, reinstalls in all sorts of orders, but always end up in the same place. Sound shows up but the bar doesn´t move.

I really need this combo to work, it has done so before but now, all of the sudden it doesn´t anymore. Could you advice as to what to try next?

Best regards
Thorir Ingvarsson

ernielive 21st October 2012 14:41


Please open a support ticket with detailed information on this issue so we can better assist you in resolving this matter.

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