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vasko444 16th October 2012 12:08

When the library gets full...
When the library (for free users) gets full, how about you inform your users with a message something like "There's no more memory for your library. Please, delete something!", instead of automatically deleting my storyboards?! I just finished a new storyboard earlier today and I just got back to put it in the auto-pilot and it had vanished! All that work for nothing! Thank god I'm not a premium user, otherwise I would have spent my money for nothing!

So like I said, put a message that the memory is full and disable the upload, instead of deleting storyboards!

ernielive 18th October 2012 09:57


Thanks for your feedback. You can keep track of your storage in the billing tab of your account center. While free customers are limited to 10GB of storage, Premium customers are upgraded to 1TB of storage.

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