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belmontchurch 13th October 2012 15:06

Dropping Stream
Our stream drops on a weekly basis - Procaster (don't have the version in front of me..) says our bandwidth is not we close Procaster and restart the stream - everything works.

We have a Sonicwall TX 210, 20MB Fiber Internet (easily 10MB up/down) and are streaming about 870kbps (medium and mobile).

I am trying to determine where the problem is occuring....

Has anyone ever set proirity on a Sonicwall to allocate bandwidth to Procaster? If so, what ports?

What about the Livestream server - is there a specific IP/range that I can put in the Sonicwall?

Any other ideas? This seems to be happening more consistently and I am stuck on where to look next to identify the problem.

Any help is appreciated.


ernielive 13th October 2012 17:11


Make sure ports 80 and 1935 are open, and allow access to these IP ranges: and

Let me know if you have any better results.

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