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mfalzon 4th October 2012 10:03

Player for Iphone

I'm developing an iphone app using HTML5. I cannot seem to get to the player to run on the iphone. I read Livestream HTML5 example

This did not work and it displays to download Flash. What am I doing wrong? For now I just want to stream anything on my iphone. Are there any examples that are catered for iphone?

Thankds in Advance,
Matthew Falzon

ernielive 13th October 2012 14:20


You would need access to our mobile API, which is only available to Premium customers on a long term commitment at this time.

fieldscage 30th November 2012 10:57

I just got it to work using an iframe. There is a share section on your channel page that says share, select more, then customize the player.

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