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northview1 3rd October 2012 22:56

Church Live Streaming
Hello all,
I have spent about 3 hours looking through the forums reading information regarding all sorts of issues that have to do with streaming live. I have yet to find a definitive answer. What I am wanting to do is purchase the equipment necessary to stream our church services live. I need a camera that will have the quality in zoom capabilities because the camera will be about 200 feet away from the preacher. I also would like to know if the audio coming through our soundboard will go into the camera to go through the live feed or will the audio need to go into the computer? Will the Livestream new platform work for us? What capture card would we need to get or is a Firewire port good enough? Budget on camera is about $2,000.00.

Thanks to anyone who helps me


emmaharris 4th October 2012 10:59

Hi Erik,

This is Emma, a Sales Representative here at Livestream. I will follow up in a separate email to discuss. I look forward to connecting.


Blive_now 11th October 2012 01:18

I am using a Sony NEX VG20 (about $1800) including 18-200mm lense. Excellent camera which will take an audio input from your soundesk- ensuring the audio is synced perfectly with video. HDMI output straight into a H.264 Pro-recorder as per Livestream recommended equipment, through USB to Macbook pro- Perfect streaming everytime!

northview1 14th October 2012 17:11

Is your streaming Live? I am assuming it is :) Also does the camera do well at far distances? Our distance will be at least 200feet away from the camera. I am sorry for all the amateur questions, I am learning as we go. Can I use a PC instead of Mac? Also when you are streaming are you able to record at the same time? basically live stream and record simultaneously so that we can keep a copy in order to make copies for people who request or even to put on our website? I guess this can be a question for anyone as well but is there a tripod that will work with this that has remote controls for zoom and record? reason I ask is because we need something to be able to control from about a foot away from the camera at ease...if there isn't I don't think it would be that huge of a deal, but we do need a better tripod regardless! Thanks for all your help Blive_now. Looks like a great possibility for us to get this.


aaronlewis2006 18th February 2013 17:59

new live stream camera
I am currently live streaming my church's sunday service and looking for a camera that we can use. Preferably one with a zoom lens and mic, and can connect to a computer via a usb connection. We are currently using adobe flash media live encoder if that helps. We don't have a big bugget, so the cheaper the better. Prefferably less than $800. please give me as many options as possible. Thanks in advance.

ernielive 19th February 2013 11:18


Most camcorders will not stream via USB like webcams do. What type of connections does your computer have, and what are the specifics of your processor and memory? This information will help us to give you a suitable suggestion.

aaronlewis2006 24th February 2013 13:56

new live stream camera
My computer has the basic usb connection and ethernet port. I'm a newbie at this so I'm not sure about the processor and memory capabilities of my computer. Is there a digital camera that would work? We need something that has a zoom lens and mic.

ernielive 25th February 2013 12:32

To stream via USB without any additional capture devices and without knowing your processor and memory specifics, you're limited to a webcam such as Microsoft's LifeCam line.

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