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Chibiusa90 3rd October 2012 13:11

How do i stream?
So i downloaded procaster and signed in with my account, i chose no camera because i don't have a camera and then chose capture game and clicked on go live!

if that's all there is to it then good but how do i verify that i am actually streaming?
i want to confirm somehow that i am streaming.
i have had alot of bad luck when it comes to streaming never made it work.. :/

sorry for my bad english, would be nice with some help!

jkeslow9 9th October 2012 09:44

Hello ,

To confirm you are streaming you will see in the lower right hand corner a small black screen which should be displaying your game. Also you can go to your livestream channel page to view your stream ("yourchannel" ) Please let me know if you have any further questions


steveschmidt85 11th January 2013 02:37

I also face the same problem.. Thanks

ernielive 11th January 2013 14:47


Can you clarify the nature of your problem?

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